Friday, June 13, 2008

I'm sick of MALE football commentators.
I'd seen them blabbering in front of me for 10 years.
*eh? its da year i get to noe 2 botaks in France World Cup. xD*
alwayz da same old person with da same old monotonous tone.I'm bored with it!
Changes are a must for me!!

What I need is a hot commentator a HOT FEMALE commentator start to talk about football.
Not every woman despises football.
There are actually some women hosting football programs.
Paula Malai Ali & Jamie Yeo are da best examples. =D

Jamie Yeo is my 1st pick.
Of cuz Paula is gorgeous,
but she's not sexy & hot enough.
comparing to Jamie, of coz.
Paula Malai Ali

I love to see Jamie hosting Nokia Football Crazy cuz she alwayz dressed up hotly.
sometimes with tube, sometimes spaghetti stripes.
just simply loving it.XD

Just imagine dat Jamie is one of da football commentators.
I noe la.
people blast her like there's no tomorrow cuz lack of knowledge in football.
just noe how to comment on which football stars are good looking & shopping only.I won't give a crap although she just announces da latest result.
as long as she dresses hotly alwayz.
let da old hags handle all those tactics stuff. nyehehe.

come on guyz. I mean REAL guyz.
don give me with all those no-tactics-discussion-is-pointless-watching-football crap.
Every guyz love BIG balls...Jamie Yeo

...instead of small balls~
Guys will understand guys better~


Johnny Ong said...

i only watch the real match and have my own conclusion. so, am not disappointed with the pre or post match commentators hahahahhahaha

Ron Jerem Lee said...

the football game itself has not much bitches, .... but the lots of female football viewers out there. so it's still an exciting game for men!.

wil said...

johnny: but if have hot commentators u will definitely be happy rite? XD

ron: ya! when they jump up high & shouted for goals. lol. & your pic is funny. nyahaha.

Anonymous said...

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