Sunday, July 19, 2009

This might not be my business,
but really,
seeing guys wrote their commitments everywhere made me sick.
Don't call me jealous,
I don't really give a damn bout it.

writing those sweet messages to their love one would make them happy.
But if those dudes keep writing intimate messages like changing dirty underwear everyday love messages like never end,
and every goddamn posts are just regarding about their so called LOVE STORY when they haven't even succeed yet.
That is so sissyish.

If they are rejected or dumped,
acting emo for months like that is the end of the world or even worse,
fuck people up whenever people tried to console or talk to them when they have failed on courting their girl,
please, I'll put my fist on your face so hard and stuffs bananas into your mouth so badly get a life and move on.
What's the big deal about not getting yourself a girl?
Two hands are needed to clap on,
so if they refuse to click with you,
so be it.
Movie still needs to play on,
so do our life.

Grow up, shithead.

Disclaimer: This post is not targeting to particular person. It is just my random thought after seeing some articles. If you are pissed off, click da X button on da upper right hand corner.

When I was in the mood to attend classes and finally started to get serious on studies,
being hit down by sickness.
Head is multiple times heavier than usual weight,
and my leg muscles are like walking for hours while wearing G string sore till I couldn't really walk.
The determination of studying my ass off vanished like thin air.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New semester had commenced yesterday,
and strangely I was fully pumped of new semester.
maybe I can get to do my favorite stuffs,
mainly about genetics.
Tough road ahead,
but I'll get it through.


Saturday, July 11, 2009

miserable week for me.

ps: thanks dad, mum and sis for consoling eh.
without u guys, i wouldn't have stand up yet.
i promise to work even harder to prove that i can usrvive in uni.

Monday, June 29, 2009


Sydney is renowned as one of the biggest city in daworld.
have been there when I was 5,
but heck I have no memories on it.
so it's good to be there again.

Sydney is a city full of skycrapers,
which I like it the most.
Surrounded by buildings builded by human.
makes me go KIMOCHI~
Well maybe I've seen too much trees and those short, flat stories in Tassie too much.

it is a city which is full of big wheels,
such as Ferrari.
*real thing ok!?*

and Mustang.
Creepily rich, those sydney people.

Sydney definitely is a shopping heaven,
especially for girls.
Branded shops can be found freaking everywhere.
Yes u heard me right it is EVERYWHERE.

So girls who are single please prepare your own cash,
and those who have a bf freaking force them to give u unlimited credit cards to use.

There's a bunch of artists along of the road too.
Some make their own band to attract tourists attention and donate money to them,
or draws.
And their performance are great, really.

Visiting Harbour Bridge and Opera House are definitely a must since they are the landmark of Sydney.

Harbour Bridge connects Darling Harbour to another side of the central of Sydney.
Nothing much to see on Harbour Bridge, except for its sophiscicating scenery.
Opera House is majestic.
The structure of the building is elegant yet masculine.
Seriously respect the designer of the building.
Didn't get to see much in the Opera House as a concert was held by a bunch of kids.
We don't mind to see kids performing actually,
but we gotta spend 30 dollars to see those kids.


even those pros just charge 25 dollars per person.
so we went to their opera store to get some souvenirs.
I've planned to get the mask as a souvenir since they are beautiful and elegant.
but the price makes our jaws drop off,
just like that.
700 dollars for this huge mask,

and 100 dollars for the smallest one.

Darling Harbour.
A harbour which is full of high class dining restaurants and nightclubs.
* Darling Harbour*

We had our dinner in this place for the first day.
Didn't make much research on this harbour and just simply hopped into one of the restaurant.
So end up have a big hole in our pocket.

Our food:

*lemon chicken*
*steak**Salmon and Big Prawns*

For those who loves to gain more intellectual knowledge of Australia,
you gotta step into Australian Museum.

You'll get to learn about:

i) the history of locals in Australia
* the drawing of this white hair dude*

iii)Ancient animals
* ancestors of wombat*
*Tasmanian Tiger, which looks like a dog*

*T-Rex, me love*
*see how big it's leg is*
Dinosaur fossils collection is the best in the whole museum.
Nothing beats them.
The museum have complete collections of dinosaurs bones,
and u can act as a patheonologist to explore those bones.

A place that combines every Chinese cuisine restaurants in a centrepoint.
But hell.
They just serve this kinda food.
Nothing much to see in Chinatown,though.
Unless u are interested in buying abalone and shark fins or eating them.

St. Mary Cathredal is another landmark of Sydney.
It is renowned as the biggest church of Australia.
Catholic churches are always grand and full of historical design, no matter exteriorly, or interiorly.
Outside of the church is a park, known as Hyde Park.
*Statue of the Hyde Park*
As it's name spoken,
the park is big enough for kids to play HYDE and seek.

I went to Sydney Tower too.
too bad I didn't get to see their 360 degrees view of Sydney on daylight,
cuz we prefer night view.
so we decided to dine in there.
yes it is expensive to dine in that tower,
but it worth the price after all.
We get to see the beautiful night view of Sydney when we were chomping our food like a barbarian eating our food elegantly.

The night view:

Ok that's it.
We didn't get to go to the outskirt of Sydney, which is pretty unfortunate for us, because we ran out of time.
Next time perhaps.